Cocoa Cream with Black Garlic and Coconut Foam

The mixture of components of this cocoa cream may at first glance seem a bit weird but instead they make up very tasty and extremely nutritious dessert.

This dessert is also good for paleo diet followers as it contains very little carbohydrates but gives al lot of useful micronutrients.

An interesting component here is the Black Garlic, which is cooked for weeks in low temperature and specific moisture conditions where the garlic gets caramel aroma and brownish colour. In the case of properly prepared Black Garlic, most of the garlic’s good qualities remain. Therefore the Black Garlic is a good alternative to those, who don`d like regular garlic or who can`t eat it for some reasons.

Scientific research has proven that there are lots of chemical compounds with beneficial medicinal properties. Besides many others, garlic include sodium, potassium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, vitamins B, C and D. Garlic fights viruses effectively and Black Garlic has even more of these qualities. In addition, garlic and Black Garlic help with fungal infections.

Because of its uniqueness, Black Garlic is becoming a new favorite product of chefs in making new dishes. The mild flavor nuances of Black Garlic allow you to eat it as a healthy snack with beer or wine, to season meat or fish with it or to add it to salads and pasta or rice-fishes. It also suits well into desserts or sweet drinks instead.

Raw cocoa includes many useful nutrients which contribute to the achievement and maintenance of good health. Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a fruit (a nut) from American indigenous peoples. In 1753, a Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus named it Theobroma cocoa – the food of the gods. The cocoa plant boasts and produces fruits throughout the year.

Raw cocoa has the highest level of antioxidants of all the foods in the world, many times more than in green tea, red wine, goji berries, assai berries and blueberries altogether. Antioxidants in cocoa are very stable and easily absorbed by human metabolism. Antioxidants protect us from health problems associated with aging and protect our DNA from the damage caused by free radicals.

Cocoa is also rich in other minerals and a natural source of magnesium, chromium, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper and sulfur. Only 10 g of raw cocoa covers daily iron needs and contains a lot of fiber and vitamin C.

Raw cocoa reduces appetite, helps lowering weight and increases attention and concentration. It has to be kept in mind, however, that all products made from raw cocoa include greasy fatty acids (trans fats) which can cause inflammatory reactions. Enjoying desserts from Black Garlic is healthier than the production of any large candy factory. If you enjoy such desserts within reasonable limits and keep the rest of your diet in balance, it is a good balance between pleasure and health.

Quantity – for 2:

40 g dates
70 g boiling water
150 g matured avocado
10 g raw cocoa
10 g Black Garlic

Coconut foam:

100 g coconut cream (nt Thai Choice)
10 g chia seeds

Cooking time: 10 minutesCut the dates into smaller pieces and pour boiling water on them. After 5 minutes squeeze them with a blender or mixer. Add avocado, raw cocoa and chopped Black Garlic and squeeze until achieving creamy consistency. If you wish, you can add some water.

To make cocoa foam, whip the coconut cream with mixer and add chia seeds. Serve the avocado cream with coconut foam, red currants and sea buckthorn berries or other sour berries you like.Source:

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