Organic Black Garlic Powder 40g


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It takes more than 3 kilos of garlic to get one kilogram of Black Garlic powder! The garlic is first grated and cooked, then dried and then crushed again. It is a handicraft product and the preparation of the powder requires a long time, a lot of attention and energy. Black Garlic Powder is used in the preparation of food and products precisely in cases when additional water cannot be introduced into the product.

Where is Black Garlic Powder Used?

Black Garlic Powder is primarily intended for the food industry, restaurants and large kitchens, but it can also be used very successfully in the home kitchen. Black Garlic Powder is very soluble in water in all proportions.

With Black Garlic Powder you can make, for example, seasoning salt or sprinkle it on vanilla ice cream or better yet – mix Black Garlic Powder with honey. It’s also a good idea to use Black Garlic Powder to make cheese and gravy, or just sprinkle it over a little salad for garnish. Make the food special and add exciting taste!

100% garlic! No flavoring or preservatives are added during the production of Black Garlic Powder.

Ingredients: garlic

Nutrition information: energy content of the product 1536kJ / 100g or 362 / 100g; fat 1.29g / 100g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.23 / 100g; carbohydrates 67.29g / 100g, of which sugars 26.29g / 100g; protein 20.23g / 100g; salt (Na x 2.5) 0.051 g / 100 g.

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