Organic Black Garlic (unpeeled bulb)


Weight: 75 g (60.00 € / kg)

  • There are on average two or three garlic bulbs in a package.
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Black Garlic is a raw material for all other products containing black garlic. In its original and unpeeled form, Black Garlic, in addition to its excellent taste and aroma properties, also has a pleasing appearance to the eye. Cut the bulb in half with a sharp knife and get a beautiful garnish for a salad or steak.

From the field to the oven!

This is just the kind of garlic that has reached the oven directly from the field in its complete form and after adding care and love to it, it has arrived at your table. At the same time, the whole authenticity and naturalness of the garlic has been preserved. You can peel the garlic from the golden brown skin with your own fingers, feeling the structure and smell of the garlic bulb. Self peeled, well peeled!

How to consume?

Black Garlic is great for snacking and a good addition to wine or beer. Of course, it is also suitable for seasoning various foods, drinks and desserts. The product is handmade in small batches.

100% garlic! No flavorings or preservatives are added during the production of Black Garlic.

Ingredients: organic garlic

Nutrition information: energy content of the product 1209kJ / 100g or 285kcal / 100g; fat 1.07g / 100g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.30 / 100g; carbohydrates 51.8g / 100g, of which sugars 31.24g / 100g; protein 17.05g / 100g; sodium 0.017g / 100g; salt (Na x 2.5) 0.04g / 100g

Weight 0.075 kg