Black Garlic

Weight: 75 g (60.00 €/kg)

  • Packaged in airtight 75 gram packages.
  • There are three or two garlic bulbs in each pack on average.
  • The goods are dispatched within three days of receipt of payment.
  • If you want to pick up the goods yourself, please make an appointment first.


Black Garlic is a natural garlic, which has ripened for weeks in warmth and humidity, there are no added flavouings or preservatives. During the ripening, amino acids and reducing sugars react and give black garlic its caramely aroma and brown color. At the same time, the peculiar tang and flavor disappeares. Ripening garlic cloves turn shiny jet black and acquire a slightly sweet, syrupy taste, where the nuances of balsamic vinegar and tamarind can be felt. Black garlic is great as a snack, to complement wine or beer, to add flavour to foods, drinks and confectionery.