Black Garlic

 Peakokk Evan Hanczor

Chef Evan Hanczor

In an article in the chef Evan Hanczor tells about black garlic that: „It is deep, its flavours so multi-level and they will remain in your sense of taste. It has some caramel and dark chocolate notes, a bit of bitterness, some sweetness and umami plus je ne sais quoi (in French „I don`t know what“). (source)

Black Garlic is basically a caramelised garlic

Black Garlic matures for weeks at a low temperature and controlled humidity. This process can be compared with sous vide cooking method, where the amino acids react and reduce the sugars giving garlics caramel flavour and brownish colour. With maturation garlic cloves become completely black and gain slightly sweet, syrupy taste which also has some balsamic vinegar and tamarind nuances. This reaction is similar to roasting the meat or cooking the bread. So basically, it is caramelised garlic.

Blak Garlic is made handcrafted

Black Garlic OÜ cooks only Estonian garlic in its ovens. After harvesting from field the garlics are given some time to dry in the sun on a warm ground. Then the garlics are cleaned by peeling them by hand and will be stored in precise conditions. Black Garlic is prepared in small batches so that the master would be able to check the oven and to intervene, if necessary. To get the product of a high quality it is very important to maintain the right temperature and humidity storage mode. It takes weeks full of care and love to make Black Garlic which even the most precise automation cannot replace – the right moment of completion is determined by tasting. Black Garlics are then let to solidify and dry, after that they will be sorted and packed airtight by hand.

Due to careful selection of raw material, conscious targeting of the garlic maturation process and exact storing conditions most of highly valuable qualities of garlic will remain in Black Garlic too.

Yogi Bhajan, the legendary yogi who brought Kundalini yoga from India to the west has said: „Doctors diagnose, herbs heal and God cures“.

Let`s give ourselves a chance!