Glazed curd bars with Black Garlic

(6-8 pc.)

  • 400 g vanilla curd
  • 200 g cream cheese
  • 100 g white chocolate
  • 75 g Black Garlic
  • 60 g butter
  • 4 sl liquid honey
  • 50 g almond slates

Chop Black garlic into smaller cubes, leave some cloves for decorating as well. Mix curd cheese, cream cheese, melted butter, Black Garlic cubes and honey. Place the mixture into suitable molds lined with plastic food wrap and place them into freezer for at least 30 minutes. Melt white chocolate. Take the molds from the freezer, remove plastic food wrap and overthrow to the serving plate. Decorate with almond slates, melted chocolate and Black Garlic cubes and place once more into fridge for 15 minutes. Serve with fresh berries.

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