Black Garlic in Finished Products

Honey with Black Garlic “Black Garlic Man”

Manufacturer: Meemeistrid OÜ

If there is black and garlic in the game, it becomes a flash and a bang. This is a honey that is good for seasoning meat and sauces. Recently, we discovered that it is also wonderful with black bread and cheese.

So chimney sweepers, car repairers, farmers, gardeners, and everyone else who isn’t afraid to do the job by doing the job – this honey is for you!

Hummus with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Marta Pagar (Euroleib AS) Creamy paste from chickpeas with black garlic.

Comment on Facebook: Okay, very good new hummus (and to whom the paté tasted, then the paste reminds me more than any other vegetable paste I’ve tried, and not just in color… like a good paté, the best I’ve ever eaten, without strange side tastes, maybe better than real. They also make other flavors, but they are like … ordinary. Good, okay. But with the black garlic (whatever it is), it has hit the nail with the flavors, not knowing or deliberately. I think the best product so far from Marta!

Ingredientschickpeas, tahini, oil, water, lemon juice, black garlic (4%), salt, pepper

Sangaste rye brandy Handsa (40%) with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Moe OÜ

Meringues with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Karamelle AS

No, they are not from concrete, it is still meringues a and pretty good right now, but it is also perfect and stylish for the houseparty :D!

Black Garlic, almond-hazelnut candy with dark chocolate

Manufacturer: Pihlaka AS

Organic Grassfedbeef Cutlet with Black Garlic

Manufacturer : Liivimaa Lihasaaduste Vabrik AS

Organic Grassfedbeef 91%, Organic bread crumb (Wheat Flour), organic Black Garlic Pasteorganic roasted onion, organic dextrose, organic yeast, sea salt, organic spices(pepper, coriander, parsley, pepper, nutmeg, onion, turmeric, parsnip, ginger,carrot, cumin, pimento, cardamom), organic rice flour, organic maltodextrin,organic sunflower oil.The product is packed in a gas environment. The product is best heat treated.

Black Garlic Ice Cream

Manufacturer: Fresco Jäätisevabrik OÜ
Black Garlic ice cream can be made milk-based as well as vegan ice cream. In any case, it is a special delicacy, which, for example, was people’s favorite at the Garlic Festival and at Tallinn Food Fest 2018, but this beautiful delicacy is a delight to senses also at other times.

Organic Grassfedbeef BBQ with Black Garlic

Manufacturer : Liivimaa Lihasaaduste Vabrik AS

Rakvere’s fresh sausage with black garlic in lamb casing

Manufacturer : Rakvere (AS HKScan Estonia)

The new products in the Rakvere Lihakas series, which have high meat content, natural ingredients and pleasant taste, are waiting to jump on the sizzling grill. Lihakas fresh sausages with black garlic are meaty and enjoyably mild pork grill sausages in natural lamb casing with an added special taste nuance from authentic black garlic. We did not add any preservatives in the sausages. Full of meat.

Ingredients: pork (90%), pork fat, water, salt, pepper shell (0,5%), dextrose, black garlic (0,2%), spices, hydrolysed vegetable protein, yeast extract, spice extracts, starter culture, lamb casing.

Melted Cheese with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: E-Piim Tootmine AS

Melted cheese which has been flavored with black garlic.Ingredients: cheese, water, demineralised whey powder, butter, black garlic 2.5%, emulsifying salts (E339, E450, E452), stabilizer (carrageen), acidity regulator E500

NOMI Organic Health Mix with Black Garlic and Chilli

Manufacturer: Nomi OÜ

Black Garlic and Chilli NOMI Health Mix is ​​a mixture of seeds and nuts with a salty, spicy and smoky flavor that nourish the body.NOMI’s health blends are made from raw materials from organic farming, where the proportion of seeds and nuts in the right proportion provides useful omega-3 fatty acids to the human body and a wide range of minerals and vitamins. Also suitable for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Oven roast with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: ARKE Lihatööstus AS
A nice oven roast in a self-opening baking bag, cook at 210ºC for 90 minutes and a superb dish is ready. You did it yourself!