Black Garlic in ready-made products

Rakvere lihakas fresh sausage with Black Garlic in lamb casing

The new product in the Rakvere Lihakas series, which has high meat content, natural ingredients and pleasant taste, are waiting to jump on the sizzling grill. Lihakas fresh sausages with black garlic are meaty and enjoyably mild pork grill sausages in natural lamb casing with an added special taste nuance from authentic Black Garlic. No preservatives are added in the sausages. Full of meat – Lihakas.


pork (90%), pork fat, water, salt, pepper shell (0,5%), dextrose, Black Garlic (0,2%), spices, hydrolysed vegetable protein, yeast extract, spice extracts, starter culture, lamb casing.

Melted cheese with Black Garlic by E-piim

Melted cheese in a cup, which is seasoned with Black Garlic.

NOMI organic health-mix with Black Garlic and chilli

NOMI organic health-mix with Black Garlic and chilli has slightly salty, spicy and smoky flavors which feeds the body with the mix of seeds and nuts.
NOMI health-mixtures are made from organically grown products and where the right share of seeds and nuts gives human organism the necessary amount of omega-3 fatty-acids and enough different minerals and vitamins. Suitable for children, pregnant and nursing mothers.